Ahrend organ

  Hovedverk C - e3         

  Principal 8'

  Viola di Gamba 8' ab G

  Rohrflöte 8'

  Octave 4'

  Nasat 3'

  Octave 2'

  Mixtur III

  Cornet III ab c'

  Trompete 8'

  Brystverk C - e3

  Holzgedackt 8'

  Holzprinzipal 4'

  Spitzgedackt 4'

  Octave 2'

  Waldflöte 2'

  Sesquialtera II

  Dulzian 8'

  Pedalverk C - e'

  Subbass 16'

  Principalbass 8'

  Octavbass 4'

  Nachthorn 2'

  Posaunenbass 16'

  Trompetenbass 8'




  Stimmsystem: Werckmeister/Ahrend

  Koppel Ped-Hv

  Schiebekoppel Hv-Bv

  Voicing: Hendrik Ahrend

  Organconsultant: Abram Bezuijen

The Ahrend organ (2004) in Haug church, Hokksund. After 19 years, I am still happy with the colourful and brilliant sound. The action is very precisely, what give the organist the possibility to articulate every detail.

However it’s hard to play, the musician needs a brilliant technique. It is important to choose a program that fits the organ.  Of course, it is possible to play Mendelssohn, but it is not the first ting I would play here. Brahms is not possible because the organ wind is not suitable for this.

Buxtehude sounds absolutely very nice, and so do Weckmann. It is more an organ for chamber music, but the Bach Preludes and Fugues sounds very well too.

I played all the Bach organworks in 20 concerts

Since the inauguration, we had a lot of concerts with brilliant organists, please take a look here: 

List of performers